Bondstrand Piping Systems

Filament wound epoxy resin based, composite pipe systems are suitable for a wide range of applications as an alternative to traditional steel and exotic metallic materials. Our piping systems are available with a complete set of standard or bespoke fittings from 1” to 60” in diameter, with pressure up to 50 bar and temperatures from -40° to +121°C offering outstanding corrosion resistance and weight savings.

Bondstrand™ filament wound epoxy composite pipe systems are corrosion resistant both internally from saline and chemical applications and externally from aggressive environments.

Being just a quarter the weight of comparable steel pipes, Bondstrand glass fibre reinforced epoxy (GRE) pipe systems are easy to install without the need of heavy installation equipment, hot works welding or external/internal protective coatings.

The CAPEX cost of Bondstrand GRE pipe systems is typically lower than metallic pipe systems, and the OPEX costs offer significant benefits over metallic pipe systems in corrosive areas, as they are typically replaced in 5 -13 years. Whereas Bondstrand composite piping systems can last more than 60 years, and even outlast the life of the project – when designed, engineered and installed according to proper procedures. The smooth internal surface reduces the head loss resulting in lower pump energy consumption and potentially can result in smaller diameter GRE pipes compared to metallic pipes.

Bondstrand® GRE does not degrade due to rust or scale, which prevents the possibility of fouling steam traps, valves and other components.


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