Dating back from 1948, the below timeline explains the rich history of the development, expansion, and revolutionary product development from Fiber Glass Systems. Developing a product portfolio of leading brands, numerous world first’s, and global project success and solution stories.

Our journey so far…

  • 1948

    Fibercast Corporation founded

  • 1956

    Bondstrand Piping introduced to the Ameron product portfolio

  • 1968

    Fiber Glass Systems founded

  • 1975

    Pipex Ltd registered company based in Surrey, UK founded - Exporting thermoplastic piping systems to the Middle East

  • 1992

    Fiberspar commenced spoolable pipe joint development with Conoco. First installation in 1999

  • 1996

    Pipex Ltd becomes Industrial distributor for Bondstrand

  • 2007

    Pipex Ltd relocate to premises in Plymouth, UK

  • 2009

    Awarded QEC Aircraft Carrier Contract for supply of Bondstrand piping

  • 2011

    NOV Fiber Glass Systems acquires Ameron

  • 2012

    NOV Fiber Glass Systems acquires Fiberspar

  • 2013

    Manufacture the worlds first phenolic crane access structure for MoD

  • 2015

    Resin Infusion Composite Engineering (RICE) facility is established in Plymouth, UK

  • 2015

    NOV Fiber Glass Systems acquire Pipex Ltd

  • 2017

    Awarded prestigious SC21 Award and achieve new ISO 2015 accreditation standards

  • 2018

    Manufacture of unique resin infused Seabox Treatment Unit subsea protype and rebrand to Fiber Glass Systems

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