We develop and deliver a wide range of diverse corrosion resistant products and solve problems inherent in using traditional materials for tough applications and harsh environments. With a leading product portfolio in robust design and build solutions, we provide our customers with an economic advantage that’s engineered to endure, including Bondstrand™ composite piping, fittings, structures and pressure vessels, Pipex™ Thermoplastic piping, chambers and manholes, and various other leading global Fiber Glass Systems brands, such as Star™, Red Thread™, Fiberspar™, Green Thread™, Dualoy™ and more, all serving in major global industries.

We also offer a breadth of technical services and engineering solutions, building on a legacy of success to unite Advanced Design and Advanced Manufacturing (ADAM). Providing lightweight, corrosion-proof alternatives to traditional materials, we substantially reduce installation schedules and maintenance costs, and ensure proven longevity.

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