Subsea Cocoon & Shroud Protection System

In shallower waters where trawl fishing is carried out, subsea wellheads are vulnerable to damage from being caught by fishing net systems. There is a potential for significant damage, danger to life and potential harm to the environment. Traditional protection methods use large overtrawalable covers, but these are heavy, expensive and costly to install.

Our Cocoon and Shroud® product is an innovative yet proven solution for protecting production or injection trees at a lower cost. Rather than being overtrawalable, the Cocoon and Shroud is “snag free” and work by either deflecting the nets away from the tree or by shielding the tree from captured nets, and allowing the nets to then be easily retrieved. There are currently over 30 Cocoon and Shroud systems installed in the North Sea providing almost 20 years of proven operational use.

The upper component, the Cocoon, is made as two opening doors which, when closed, offer a smooth external surface ensuring fishing gear cannot be snagged. When open, the Cocoon allows almost unlimited access to the tree for inspection and maintenance. The Shroud protects the flowline and umbilical as they exit the flow base.

The premium grade, lightweight and corrosion resistant Fiber reinforced Polymer (FRP) materials used to construct the Cocoon and Shroud allow for easier deployment and intervention and provide a design life of over 30 years. The product can be adapted or customized for different tree and flow base designs.

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