Impact Protection Panels

Utilizing our broad portfolio of in-house design, engineering, and advanced manufacturing solutions, we can provide Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) impact protection systems for Topside and Subsea use. The significant weight advantages of FRP materials and superior corrosion resistance are ideal for protection products intended for subsea and marine environments.


For Topsides, our phenolic FRP impact protection panels are designed to protect against impact from blunt or sharp objects with varying energies up to 5 kJ. These panels are ideal for dropped object protection and provide a low weight and reduced maintenance option to conventional steel products.


For Subsea, we can provide a range of protection and impact capable products to meet NORSOK U001 and other standards. The Cocoon and Shroud production tree protection product (view here) provides a powerful demonstration of the strength and capability of our design and manufacturing capabilities.
NOV Subsea Products are designed to project requirements for design life, using appropriate material factors derived from unique NOV Subsea ageing test data of FRP materials.

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