Innovation, research and development

Innovation and solutions are core strands to our business here at NOV Fiber Glass Systems (FGS). Strength and commitment towards research and development are key driving forces within the company; developing new products and finding effective solutions to customer problems has led to us becoming a leading provider in the Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composite and thermoplastic design and build marketplace.

We have a specialist innovation team embedded in our engineering group solely dedicated to nurturing innovative projects from concept through to final product. This specialist team are focused on developing innovative initiatives requested directly from customers or initiated by our in-house team of experts, and combines skills and expertise in polymer materials, structural design, testing and qualification, 3D printing and prototyping.

When projects demand low weight and/or extended life corrosion resistance, or modular solutions for areas of restricted access, we provide bespoke, cost efficient design and build solutions.

Innovation, Research & Development Projects Portfolio:

MARRS® Offshore handrails and components:
Patented offshore handrail solution designed and developed in-house to provide a NORSOK compliant, uninterrupted safety grip for offshore operatives.

Crane Access Phenolic Walkways, design phase:
FGS Plymouth designed the first ever fully phenolic walkway system in the UK. The bespoke FRP phenolic crane access walkway was supplied in accordance with BS EN ISO 14122.

  • Phase 1: Concept and detailed design of FRP phenolic walkways, handrails, and ladders in conjunction with the client
  • Phase 2: Selection and design of FRP phenolic profiles and materials in conjunction with Services
  • Phase 3: Structural testing and fire testing of materials in conjunction with the client

Research & development included:

  • Mechanical testing of FRP profiles
  • Fire testing
  • Adhesive selections

Lightweight FRP Floor Panels for Navy Vessel Engine Room:
Client requirement for lightweight, non-metallic floor panels with high strength and impact capability for UK navy fighting vessel. Onerous weight and fire performance specification required innovative use of advanced FRP materials

  • Phase 1: Concept design of FRP floor panel.
  • Phase 2: Prototype manufacture, testing and qualification.
  • Phase 3: Trial panels manufactured for first ship application.
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