Civil Engineered Chambers

Product Overview:

Pipex Thermoplastic Civil Engineered chambers are designed by us to suit your project specific requirements. Whether it’s a Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO), Flow Splitter Chamber, or Distribution style chamber, we can produce a model to suit your hydraulic designed chamber. Chambers can be supplied with factory fitted rebar, designed by our engineers, to suit the specific ground conditions.

We will liaise with your allocated third party equipment specialists and co-ordinate the installation of screens, pumps, and valves at our manufacturing facility.

The result will be a complete, off-site built engineered chamber delivered to your project site fully prepared for fast track installation

Ideally suited for urban areas, or remote locations, where traditional build methods involve traffic management issues and risk to operatives working for long periods in open excavations. Watch how we installed a 29.5 tonne chamber, complete with rebar, shuttering and internal equipment in just one day here.

All internal equipment such and valves and screens can be installed at our manufacturing facility. Each chamber is modelled in 3D to provide a working visual environment.

Materials of Manufacture

  • Heavy duty, reinforced High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Polypropylene (PPH)


  • Offsite build
  • Highly corrosion resistant advanced thermoplastics
  • Can be designed to house any manner of specified inline equipment
  • Significant Health & Safety & Quality Construction advantages
  • 3D modelling to provide a working visual environment
  • Fast-track site construction with optional integral temporary shuttering
  • Minimise open excavations and costly traffic management
  • Reduce CAPEX and through life costs compared to concrete and traditional builds
  • CSO Chambers supplied complete with static or mechanical screens, weir walls, and external factory installed rebar Chambers up to 12m x 4m x 4m can be supplied in one section; larger chambers such as the Flow Distribution chamber (image left) can be supplied in sections with final site joints completed by our operatives.

For more information on this innovative product, please contact our technical expert at [email protected]

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