Chemical & Industrial

We are leaders in the design and fabrication of custom chambers, pipe systems and structures for the chemical, industrial, mining and power industries. Manufactured from advanced Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP, GRP, GRE & GRV) and thermoplastic (PP-H, HDPE, CPVC) materials, our packaged solutions are highly corrosion resistant, lightweight and virtually maintenance free, providing crucial weight, cost and time savings.

Our off-site build drainage systems provide safe transmission and containment of chemicals, trade effluent wastes and corrosive fluids and gases. The range includes Chemsafe®, Biosafe® and Bondstrand™ systems that are suitable for a wide range of chemical and industrial applications such as below ground drainage, pumped systems, above ground laboratory applications and refineries.

Our advanced FRP composite structures including MARRS™ handrailing systems, access platforms and grating systems are suitable for installation in a variety of corrosive environments. This includes our range of phenolic structures which provide increased fire integrity performance and low smoke and toxicity for applications located underground or in enclosed spaces.

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