Dual contained chemical resistant pipework & chambers for waste water treatment

Nov 16,2019

When chemical resistance, durability and longevity is key, Fiber Glass Systems can provide the solution you are looking for.

From chemical holding tanks, inspection chambers and manholes to the design and fabrication of complete piping systems – we are here to make sure your project maximises the enormous benefits of our thermoplastic products.

A recent project that utilised our dual contained Chemsafe® range was the drainage system upgrade at a sewage treatment plant located in Leigh, Manchester.

We supplied, fabricated and delivered approx 500 metres of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) dual contained pipework for installation on the centrate liquors line, digested sludge line and treated liquor line  (wastewater and biological mass is commonly known as mixed liquor).

This bespoke drainage system installation was essential as part of the sewage treatment plant refurbishment, designed to significantly improve process efficiency and reduce process time.

We also supplied an additional 8 HDPE visual inspection chambers and flanged rodding access points.

To enable fast track installation the entire drainage system was prefabricated offsite and also provided the following;

  • BBA HAPAS & WRc Approved chambers
  • Fully sealed, water, fluid & gas tight chambers
  • Extreme corrosion & chemical resistance
  • Lightweight, fast track & easy to install
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Smooth internal & external bores preventing the build up of FOGS

These are just a few of the unique long-term & cost effective benefits that could be making a difference to your projects NOW – give us a call on 01752 58100 to find out more……

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