Precision engineering for large diameter offshore spool

Apr 09,2019

Fiber Glass Systems have recently undertaken the design, fabrication and installation of a large Bondstrand® Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE), 36 inch replacement spool. The spool was supplied as part of a pair fabricated as replacements for existing deteriorated effluent water system and vortex header vent pipework on an Offshore Oil Platform.

Installation of the pipework required a full platform shutdown.  Costs associated with any unexpected delays to scheduled shutdowns can be huge and therefore the project demanded meticulous planning and execution across all departments.

With our unique offsite build capabilities, manufacturing and installation experience we were able to provide a complete one-stop-shop solution.

From initial design through to installation the project was set up and managed by our® APMP certified Project Manager Chris Franklin, working in close partnership with our Engineering Services Department (ESD), manufacturing teams and the client.

Prior to fabrication our ESD conducted an Offshore 3D laser survey of existing spools and tie in points thus ensuring complete accuracy of crucial dimensional measurements for subsequent spool fabrication.  This enabled Engineer Josh Bland to provide related stress analysis, 3D modelling and isometrics.

Manufacture of the spools, the largest measuring 13.6 metres long with a diameter of 36 inches, was carried out completely offsite by our certified fabrication engineers at our extensive facilities in Plymouth.

Due to our large build capabilities we were also able to execute a full scale “dry fit” enabling a second scan to be performed, confirming that accuracy had been maintained throughout the complex manufacture process.

Delivering a pipework spool of this scale can often be problematic as its size brings it under the classification of a “wide load” which would require additional transport support.  However, we were able to alleviate this issue by supplying the pipe in two sections, making standard transportation possible.

A team of Fiber Glass Systems bonders were dispatched to meet with the pipe spools at the delivery site where they completed the final jointing process, ESD then conducted a final quality check and scan prior to pipework hydrotesting and shipment to offshore installation site.

Once the spools reached their final offshore connection point, we provided expert client support with Field Service Engineer, John McHugh, providing Close Visual Inspection throughout removal of corroded pipework and installation of our corrosion resistant and durable GRE system. This was achieved in just one morning!

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