PP-H Manholes and drainage piping systems
- ideal for the food & drink industry

Apr 09,2019

Effluent waste from the production of soft drinks, fruit juices etc are often high in volume and high in pollutants such as suspended solids (orange pulp etc) or sugars and ethanol.  The presence of either requires neutralisation and post production treatment to eliminate any hazardous effects prior to discharge into the local sewer system.

A UK market leader of the soft drink & food industry recently required the installation of a chemically resistant drainage diversion system at their Bradford based facilities.  Fiber Glass Systems Polypropylene (PP-H) pipework and manholes were the products of choice due to their high corrosion and chemical resistance properties

For this project we fabricated and supplied;

  • 160m of highly corrosion resistant PP-H pipework, ranging in diameter from 160mm up to 500mm, supplied in lengths of 5 & 10m dependent upon client requirement.
  • 3 PP-H effluent manholes 2 and backdrops, 1200mm – 1500mm in diameter and from 833mm to 995mm in depth.
  • Manholes supplied with Pipex px® High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) shuttering.

In addition to our advanced material product supply, we were also able to assist our client with the calculation of necessary rebar requirements and its’ off-site installation at our innovative manufacturing facilities based in Plymouth.

Installation of our manholes and pipework fabricated from our advanced Thermoplastic materials provide many advantages over traditional concrete including;

  • Extreme corrosion resistance
  • Strong and durable
  • Lightweight, enabling fast track installation
  • Reduction in through-life costs

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