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Apr 09,2019

Broomfield Hospital in Essex, UK, first opened its doors in 1940 exclusively for the treatment of tuberculosis, 75 years on and it now offers a comprehensive range of acute and community based services.

As part of an Estate Rationalisation Programme started in 2012, the hospitals old medical records library is under-going a full refurbishment to create a new, state of the art Hospital Sterilisation & Disinfection Unit (HSDU).

We were approached to design, supply and fabricate a polypropylene (PP-H) packaged pump sump chamber, used to assist with the sterilisation of surgical instruments and the processing of foul water drainage.  Client specifications also required the detergent chamber to be designed to withstand discharge media with temperatures of up to 95°C.

With our advanced capabilities and extensive manufacturing factory areas, we were able to pre-fabricate the 3.3m high x 2.5m wide x 4m long chamber entirely off-site, complete with steel rebar, timber shuttering and all third party integrated equipment.  This aided in a fast track installation for our customer!

Additional chamber features also included a sealed access cover; access steps and an internal steel beam to support a platform housing two suction lift peristaltic pumps and filtration system.

An integrated control system incorporating temperature monitoring and cooling water distribution will ensure a level temperature is consistently maintained – a vital element of its function.

Our thermoplastic and advanced FRP composites provide our clients with practical and cost saving advantages including;

  • Lightweight
  • Extreme corrosion resistant
  • Off-site built
  • Design Life of 60+ years dependent upon application
  • Ease of Installation

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