GRE pipe solutions for exhaust gas scrubber systems

Mar 02,2019

The maritime industry is facing tough new challenges of adopting new technologies and operational practices to comply with international, national and local regulations, introduced in order to reduce air emissions from ships. As of January 2015, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) legislation stated that all ships operating inside of designated emission control areas are to use fuel with low sulphur content, or to employ technology to reduce sulphur oxide (SOx) emissions.

One technology option is to install an exhaust gas cleaning (EGC) after-treatment system, also known as scrubbers. The exhaust gas scrubber system does what it says on the tin, it cleans the exhaust gas to reduce SOx emissions to the appropriate legal limit.

We were approached by a UK ship yard and asked to supply and install our Bondstrand® GRE piping for two marine exhaust gas scrubbing projects for one passenger ferry and one freight only ferry.

The first project involved installation of approximately 290 metres of DNV Class approved Bondstrand® GRE pipe, ranging from 2 inches to 14 inches in diameter. 60% of the joints were pre-fabricated at our factory in Plymouth to allow for a quick installation on-site. Our experienced Site Engineers were based on-site 24/7 for two weeks in order to meet the strict project time line required to get the ferry back into service on time.

Our cost effective, lightweight and corrosion resistant Bondstrand® GRE pipe is suitable for both the acidic waste water produced through the exhaust gas scrubbing process, as well as the seawater supply to the scrubber.

There are a multitude of benefits when using Bondstrand® GRE pipe systems. They include: 

  • Lightweight – approx 1/6th the weight of steel;
  • Highly corrosion resistant;
  • Ideal solution for seawater/freshwater & wash water scrubbing systems;
  • Low maintenance – “Fit and forget”;
  • CLASS approved by all major bodies (Look at what we’ve done for HMS Queen Elizabeth Class (QEC) Aircraft Carriers;
  • Quick & easy to install;
  • No hot works required.
  • Complimented by an array of in-house engineering & technical services

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