Fiber Glass Systems Bondstrand® GRE

Feb 25,2019

The recent refit of a Fort Class Auxiliary Fleet Support Vessel in Merseyside once again afforded Fiber Glass Systems with the opportunity of supplying our customer with a lightweight and extremely corrosion resistant alternative to the traditionally supplied product materials.

The ships primary function is to replenish Royal Navy warships and allied navies with food, stores and ammunition, due to the on-board flight deck and hanger on this particular vessel, it was also instrumental in disaster relief and responding to a wide range of emergencies worldwide.

The MoD have a number of aspects to consider when procuring all necessary components necessary for a ship refit, cost, design life expectancy and corrosion resistance being just a few.

Not only was our BONDSTRAND® Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) pipework able to satisfy these stringent requirements, due to its lightweight properties we were also able to offer fast track installation by our team of the 23. No spools, further reducing related costs to the customer.

Take a look at the other advantages of our BONDSTRAND® products:

  • High corrosion and temperature resistance
  • Design life expectancy of 60+ years dependant on application
  • Designed to meet client’s exact specifications
  • Non conductive advanced composite material
  • Fast track installation

For further information on BONDSTRAND® products and related services please contact us on 01752 581 200 or via email at [email protected].

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