Proud to announce our Engineers’ Chartered Engineering accreditation

Feb 11,2019

Fiber Glass Systems are delighted to announce the achievement of Chartered Engineering (CEng) status by two of our valued team members, Casper Kruger – Engineering Services Manager and Shaun Davy – Production Project Manager.

Both have been awarded this formal credential due to an immense amount of dedication and commitment but was achieved via two very different routes.

Casper began his career at the University of Technology in Freestate, South Africa, undertaking HND Mechanical Design and Manufacture (including a year in industry).  He successfully graduated in 2009 and subsequently relocated to Plymouth, UK, enrolling with the local university to undertake a BSc(Hons) Mechanical Design and Manufacture, from which he graduated in 2011.

From there Casper joined us on a Plymouth Graduate Internship Programme (PGIP) and completed his MSc in Structural Engineering while working within the Engineering Team, gaining valuable design experience in composite products over many market sectors.  Completed in 2017, his Structural Engineering MSc dissertation investigated co-bonded FRP nodes designed to reduce bolted connections in bridge girders to simplify fabrication and provide more cost-effective solutions for large structure manufacturing. Casper’s qualification was awarded with engineering experience gained directly from Fiber Glass Systems project work, which included lead designer of the new composite Dover Sea Wall bridge project for Network Rail.

Shaun has always held a passion for composite materials, their manufacture, product development and innovation, undertaking a 4-year BEng (Hons) Engineering degree in Composite Materials Engineering.  Following his graduation in 2004 Shaun further expanded his knowledge and expertise completing an impressive 14 years of continuous professional development (CPD). As a composite Engineer and Lead Engineer for a Composite Technology Group, he has played a key role in a number of composite material innovations including the world’s largest resin infused production hull measuring an incredible 550m².

Fiber Glass Systems are synonymous with the advancement and integration of composite materials, active composite innovation/development, leading the way with world firsts across numerous industries.

This latest engineering accreditation achievement is further evidence of our expertise and enables us to lead product designs across all Advance Design Advance Manufacture (ADAM) applications.  CEng accreditation now allows us to provide an independent design verification service for clients in addition to the design and examination of composite structures within the public sector.

Recent projects such as NOV Seabox Treatment Unit, led by Shaun, have experienced numerous benefits of this in-depth knowledge and experience of working with composite materials, manufacturing processes and technologies.  An example of which is the design and implementation of unique tooling strategies.  This allowed Seabox to benefit from dimensionally stable tooling that is more cost effective to manufacture when compared to traditional forms of tooling. Additional benefits of direct tooling included shorter processing time, which aided the expediting of the manufacturing schedule.

This achievement demonstrates to our customers the high level of engineering experience and expertise we are able to provide in-house.  Our customers can have confidence in our design team’s professional capability and assurance that appropriate training is focused on our team and recognised by the engineering council.  We have design experience across all our market sectors, enabling us to take on almost any design and build projects with confidence and surety that we can provide innovative solutions whether subsea or Saharan.

Find out more about our in-house engineering capabilities here, or contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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