First Year Apprentices excel at end of year event

Jan 15,2019

On Friday 23rd July, City College Plymouth once again hosted the annual “end of year project” event for this year’s apprentice intake. 

Operations Director Jon Barr and CAD Manager Ben Holmes were the honoured invitees representing Fiber Glass Systems and enjoyed a variety of interesting presentations from 3 groups of fabricator apprentices.

This year’s project mandate was to design and make a suit of armour. The team were joined by other apprentices from local engineering companies, all of whom were tasked to replicate medieval armour.

The three designs showcased were based on a centurion, a medieval knight and a Japanese samurai armour.  As you can tell by the detail in the skirt they were permitted some creative licencing!

This end of year showcase provides the apprentices the opportunity to practically demonstrate the variety of skills acquired throughout the first year of their three-year apprenticeship.  Aspects include everything from design through to quality control.

The quality of all the projects exhibited was simply amazing and a true testament to the training our apprentices receive from City College Plymouth.

Jon and Ben both observed that an excellent facet of the project was that each apprentice had adopted roles which were directly applicable to real working life. Lewis was allocated to “Stores”, Jessica to “Quality Control”, Kalvin was placed in charge of “Safety “and Ethan was in charge of “Production”.

Obtaining such skills will ensure that each of our apprentices will be even more work-ready when they eventually join and interact with the remainder of the teams within our factory environment.  It was also clear through their presentation that the teams had bonded well and there was tangible collaborative thinking, comradery and pride in their work.

Our team presented their portfolio of work in medieval scroll format where they had all adopted ‘titles’, we now look forward to seeing Lady Jessica Griffiths, Sir Ethan Frost, Sir Kalvin Heald and Lord Lewis Jones at their induction next week.

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