Aug 22,2019

Fiber Glass Systems are delighted to announce our latest off-site manufacturing capabilities for corrosion resistant components in FRP Composite materials, with completion of our new Resin Infusion Composite Engineering (“RICE”) factory building at our Plymouth facility.

RICE is complemented by our existing Engineering Services Department supplying expert composites design services such as FEA, CFD etc, pultrusion technology material stocks & our other various advanced manufacturing factories all based at the same Plymouth location, providing our customers with an expert one-stop-shop supply source all under one roof for FRP Composite materials & bespoke fabrications.

RICE is available for a wide range of Resin Infusion material needs, including epoxy, polyester, vinylester, phenolic as well as E-glass, aramid, carbon fibre and structural core’s.

Resin Infusion techniques enable us to create an incredible & diverse array of shapes, structures & componentry, large or small, bespoke to customer specifications & geometry.

RICE is home to one of the U.K.’s largest 5 axis CNC machines, 100% designed & built in-house by our own engineers and with a footprint measuring 30M long x 9M wide x 6M high. In addition to giant CNC facilities, RICE also features dedicated temperature & dust controlled ultra-clean factory environments to facilitate a multitude of lean & efficient composite manufacturing processes including:

  • Vacuum Infusion technologies including Silicone Bagging & Ciject II Resin Injection machines;
  • Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) manufacture;
  • Pultrusion/Resin Infusion Co-Bonding technologies;
  • Manufacture with Pre-preg & SPRINT™;
  • Wet lay-up / lamination;
  • Mould, Tool & Plug design & manufacture up to 25M long x 5M wide x 2.5M high;
  • Modular Clean Room facilities;
  • Data logging temperature controlled electric curing ovens;
  • 10 tonne overhead cranes;
  • Spray painting booths;
  • Integrated Vacuum Ring Main serving Clean Room housing CNC matt cutter, ovens & very-large structures fabrication & assembly area;
  • Compression moulding;

In excess of £1 Million reinvested, RICE represents our latest commitment to high-quality FRP Composite materials innovation & capabilities for customer delight in the following principle sectors:

  • Rail
  • Highways
  • Offshore
  • Subsea
  • Marine
  • Military
  • Automotive

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