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May 03,2019

The Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) concept is revolutionizing the construction industry through the use of innovative design and process improvements, minimising product costs, and providing safe and sustainable solutions. DfMA allows for project solutions to be delivered and installed faster, without compromise to quality.  

Our DfMA modular construction solutions were recently installed as part of a £30 million flood alleviation project in the UK.

We designed and fabricated 2 No High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) weir channels for installation in an existing concrete distribution tank, to provide an alternative route for excess water generated during extreme weather and flooding.

The problem? – The channels were big – ranging from 9m long x 1.7m high x 3m wide to 18m long x 2.3m high x 4.3m wide. Not only did this pose a logistical problem, but also the concrete distribution tank was situated underground and had one restricted access point for installation.

The solution? – The channels were built off-site, designed, manufactured and installed in 3m long modular sections, to resolve the logistical and access restrictions. Our Engineering Services Department (ESD) conducted Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to test for any potential deflection in the modular structure prior to manufacture.

Once on-site, the lightweight modular sections were lowered into the excavation and slid across guide angles before being secured into place. The sections were then bolted & welded together to form two sealed weir channels.  DfMA at its finest!

  • Additional benefits of our DfMA solution on this project included;
  • Modular sections were lightweight when compared with traditional materials
  • Highly corrosion resistant solutions
  • Self cleansing, hygienic and abrasion resistant HDPE material minimises the risk of leaks, blockages and FOG accumulation
  • Up to 60 years design life

We can provide a multitude of DfMA solutions for a vast array of worldwide construction projects.  Request your FREE copy of our “Guide to Off-site Built Amp 6 Products” to access technical, environmental & H&S information on our products.

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