Fiber Glass Systems supply Bondstrand® GRE pipework for station regeneration project

Apr 08,2019

With the UK experiencing ever more extreme weather conditions, the risk of flood water damage has never been so high.  Recent events such as the severe storm damage at Dawlish on the South coast have highlighted just how seriously compromised the country’s rail links can become if not adequately protected.

The diversion of flood water from rail tracks was one such concern at a station in Dalmarnock, Scotland, to combat this issue, regeneration of the rising main was undertaken which will now ensure that any future excess flood or storm water will be taken to onsite attenuation tanks and away from the tracks.

We were able to assist in the project by supplying, fabricating and installing 180M of 12” Bondstrand® Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) 3416 pipe systems.  Our engineering services team were also able to offer a 3D laser survey of the site and subsequently design accurate GRE spools to meet our clients overall pipe route design.  Although the site involved many locations where access was restrictive, we were able to manufacture 12 No bespoke elbows to ensure that rapid installation of the pipework was possible.

Not only is Bondstrand® GRE extremely lightweight – enabling fast track installation – it is also a highly corrosion resistant and non-conductive advanced composite material, making particularly ideal for rail applications and further minimising any disruption to both this rail link and commuters.

Additional advantages of Pipex px® BONDSTRAND® GRE include:

  • High temperature resistance
  • Strength & durability
  • Design life expectancy of 60+ years depending upon application
  • Low through life maintenance costs

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