Fiber Glass Systems help to limit commuter disruptions during Station upgrade

Apr 08,2019

Victoria Station is situated in the very heart of London and is the closest station to the world famous tourist attraction Buckingham Palace. It is also the second busiest terminus in the UK.

It is currently undergoing a massive upgrade and improvement project which is hoped to reduce congestion and provide commuters with quicker journey times in and out of the station.

With the project not due to finish until 2018, keeping disruption to passengers to minimum is of vital importance to the station operators.

As part of this immense enhancement scheme Pipex px® were approached to design, supply, fabricate and deliver a bespoke Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) aqueduct measuring approx. 12M x 0.6M x 0.3M.

The installation was scheduled to be completed during a possession timeframe of only 5 days, during one of the busiest periods of the year – Christmas! This restrictive and challenging timeframe demanded that every aspect of our manufacture and supply was perfect – ANY delay due to a product failure would have had a detrimental effect to our client and rails commuters during this notoriously hectic time.

To ensure a fast track installation the entire structure was prefabricated at our manufacturing facilities in Plymouth.

Following the lamination process it was then cured in our purpose built oven.

Our advanced manufacturing capabilities also enabled us to facilitate load testing to ensure structural stability during the onsite concrete pour stage of installation.  The structure had to be designed and manufactured to withstand the pressure of 450mm of wet concrete as well as the 120° C concrete exotherm.

Following its delivery, the aqueduct was able to be lowered into its final resting place beneath the floor of the station using only one crane (this is just ONE of the benefits of using advanced composite materials), and then encased in reinforced concrete.

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