Fiber Glass Systems FRP Dawlish Footbridge

Mar 31,2019

Fiber Glass Systems have manufactured a Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) footbridge for installation at a rail station on the South Devon seafront in Dawlish.  This bridge is not only the first FRP bridge installed “In Station” it is also the very first Grade II listed FRP bridge!

Final testing has now been completed on the FRP footbridge for Dawlish railway station, Devon. The successful load testing took place on 2nd October at our Skills and Innovation Centre in Plymouth.

The testing method used was designed to determine structural deflection of the 15M long FRP Bridge when subjected to a 13 tonne load, the results of which were well within the design parameters.

Following design and engineering from Optima Projects in conjunction with TGP, we manufactured the Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) footbridge for the Grade 2 listed rail station. Our design teams were also able to successfully replicate the look of the original 1930’s steel bridge.

This prestigious project marks another milestone in Fiber Glass Systems manufacturing achievements – it will be the second ever FRP footbridge installed on Network Rails Western Route.  The first was installed at St Austell, Cornwall in Oct 2007 and was also manufactured at our advanced facility based in Plymouth.

Safety concerns were raised after the existing steel structure suffered severe corrosion damage due to its close proximity to the seafront and subsequent harsh marine environment.  In addition to corrosion of the main girders and roof structure, the original timber decking has rotted and the protective paintwork had broken down, the structure has been the focus of numerous repairs since its last reconstruction in 1937.

A number of alternative solutions were considered by Network Rail engineers, including a complete refurbishment, but ultimately our FRP fabrication was concluded to be the ideal solution for this high profile project.

The extreme durability and corrosion resistant properties of our FRP ensures that the new structure will require minimal maintenance once installed, significantly reducing overall expenditure during its design life.   Significantly more lightweight than traditional steel, our FRP bridge offers fast track installation, reducing disruption to services and customers.

The existing steel footbridge is scheduled for removal in early Oct with installation of the Fiber Glass Systems FRP structure commencing mid Oct.  The scheme should be completed by the end of November 2012.

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